Saturday, February 20, 2010

Anti-Public and Brutal Justice System of Australia

Anti-Public and Brutal Justice System of Australia

Sydney Opera House - Finally put to good use – NO WAR by Dr Saunders, 42, and Central Coast environmentalist David Burgess, 33. Yet, these good people were convicted and penalised by the warmonger legal system of Australia. These protesters’ creative and non violent methodology to oppose murder and genocide were totally consistent with millions of peace loving Australians.

Pine Gap on Trial is based on true stories of my friend Dona Mulhearn and few more good peace activists. Australian political elites, media barons and legal system treated them very badly!

Please note, crimes of these activists were to expose the role of Pine Gap, i.e. the US warmongers have been using this Australian facility to slaughter innocent men, women and children of Iraq and Afghanistan. They also exposed the fact that this offensive (NOT defensive) facility located in Australia is controlled by USA!

Dr. Muhamed Haneef is an innocent man. Yet, the zionised media and establishment of Australia made him guilty before even being charged.

Sheikh Haron! Is He A Terrorist?, Questioned by Sydney identity Faruque Ahmed. He also suggested to examine Gunman targets Canning Mosque, Muslims are Guilty before Even Being Charged, Muslim Worshipers Attacked Outside Australian Mosque and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to understand the real motive.

In Europe many daring protesters including Shannon Air Force Base Protesters were acquitted with reverence unlike Australia!

In many instances the European ant-war protesters and peace activists were treated with respect. In 4 strong women case, the judge found that their crime was justified because its intent was to prevent a larger crime, genocide, from occurring. Surprisingly, in Australian legal system and psyche criminals are treated better than peace activists.

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