Friday, April 30, 2010

Elizabeth Wing of NSW ADB

Faruque Ahmed
Postal Address: P O Box - 49
Alexandria -20015
Mobile: 041 091 4118

17th of March 2005

Ms. Elizabeth Wing
Acting President
Anti-Discrimination Board
Level -17, 201 Elizabeth Street
Sydney, NSW - 2000
Fax - (02) 9268 5500

Dear Madam

Initially I made a complaint concerning Radio 2GB based on two initial examples. Then I added a plethora of examples recorded and provided by an independent academic. During this time I also made four more communications with the station manager of 2GB. I am adding all of those communications for clarity and further assistance as well as examples of further breaches by 2GB. I comment that your response is a bit disappointing after more than two years of waiting. However, I would like to request that you forward the matter and to send my complaint to the Administrative Decisions Tribunal for a proper hearing.

I do this in awareness of the fact that I am familiar with: 1. Former ADB chief Mr. Chris Puplick's speech at the Sydney University regarding media bias,
2. Mr. Puplick's unusual resignation,
3. Anti Discrimination Board's funding cuts by the government, 4. Anti Discrimination Board staff's protest because of funding cuts etc.

With thanks
Sincerely yours
Faruque Ahmed
Enclosed: 1. My email to 2GB Station Manager (17-03-2005)
2. My email to 2GB Station Manager (15-03-2005)
3. My email to 2GB Station Manager (10-03-2005)
4. My email to 2GB Station Manager (30-11-2004)
Source: Elizabeth Wing