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Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?

Is He Guilty Because Of His Religion?

A premeditated sectarian and racist attack outside Sydney’s Zetland Mosque is silenced by the media and police! The Muslim victim of this senseless and brutal attack is in coma. Does this victim deserve protection of law? Or is he guilty because of his religion?

What Do You Think About This Muslim Terrorist!

People who love democracy, free speech, justice, fairness, humanity and notion of justice are not happy with Faruque Ahmed. Because his report Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque is not accurate enough! In reality the deliberate and brazen attack took place out side the mosque mentioned below. Nonetheless, this sectarian attack is directly attributed to racism, prejudice and bigotry incited by Australian media outlets and other institutions.

Generally speaking, police warn people and ask for public assistance through media and other means when this kind of incident takes place. This time they are silent! Why is it so? Is it because this victim is not Jewish? If a Jewish Rabbi complains for a verbal attack, Prime Minister, Governor General, Premier, … will crawl through the corridor in this country. But, because this victim is a Muslim, everyone is silent. A Muslim Taxi Driver is Waiting for Justice is a drop in the ocean!

The terrified and concerned Australian Federation of Islamic Council staff members are also worried about slight inaccuracies of Faruque Ahmed initiated voluntary reports.

However media and politicians of this country may be enjoying Islam and Arab bashing continuum.

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--- In, "John" wrote:

Re: Australian Mosque Attack

What a disgusting shameful act under Australian Laws and the Biased Australian media

Neither the police did anything neither the media published it. I am sure if was in some church or Synagogue. There would have been huge outcry from the law and the media and every Muslim would have been bashed at least three times a day and special terrorism laws would have been in place, putting any Muslim in jail without any charge.

This is a good historical example of Australia does not gives freedom and equal right s to other religions and does not guarantee safety for Islamic faith.

The guy who was beaten while he was praying inside the mosque? The guy was unconscious after beating inside the mosque. The guy then was dragged by these thugs outside to the street where then he was ran over by their car.

Later he was admitted to ST Vincent Hospital Sydney. He is in the intensive care of the hospital. Anyone Telephone (02) 8382 1111

St Vincent Hospital
390 Victoria Street
Darlinghurst NSW 2010

I think this is the time for the Australian Church Groups, Both Labour and Liberal party to celebrate their victory over ISLAM Kevin Rudd should be pleased with the results.


--- In, "bruce" wrote:

Re: Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque

you are a bloody nutter knucklehead!!! This incident as you describe did not happen!! No muslims were bashed ans mr ahmed was not contacted and this is all a figment of your pathetic immagination!! You are a very sick and sad men knucklehead!!

Cheers Bruce

--- In, "mamubhi" wrote:

Beyond Islam and Arab Bashing

The officials of the Australian Federation of Islamic Council are in dark regarding Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque! They knew nothing about this attack!! Police failed to inform them about this incident. The police said to them, “it is a traffic matter”.

After receiving Islam and Arab Bashing officials of Australian Federation of Islamic Council contacted Faruque Ahmed and made more inquiries. Finally they wrote to the police station concerned and waiting for an official response.

No one knows if police secretly found the offenders not guilty! Last year a Muslim taxi driver was bashed at Chatswood and police did nothing about that case. Faruque Ahmed and his union followed up the case and police know the offender too. Yet, Gulzer Hussein is waiting for justice.

Today, many Australian media outlets are crying for a tangled and dead dugong at Cooggee Beach Shark Net! Whereas no one would like to know about the victim of the sectarian attack outside Zetland Mosque!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Islam and Arab Bashing

Islam and Arab Bashings are the most popular sports in Australia. Generally speaking, ordinary people are not so keen about fighting. However, the zionised media outlets and some lynch mob politicians are deliberately inciting against the Arabs and Muslims.

The incident below is just one more example of carefully created and nurtured prejudice and bigotry in Australia.

Muslim Worshipers Attacked In Australian Mosque

Friday, November 20, 2009 after the midday prayer people were coming out from Zetland Mosque of Sydney, Australia.

Then two loaded persons with their bull bar fitted utility arrived at the scene! They went on to insult worshipers with every obscene language and they also vandalised parked cars nearby. Then these attackers carried out their well planed physical attack on worshipers of that mosque. They punched and kicked one person, then dragged his unconscious body for about 50 yards. Then again, with a precision style, the attackers placed this unconscious person on the road and ran him over with their utility. This victim is now in coma at the St. Vincent Hospital, Darlinghurst.

Horrified worshipers immediately rang the ambulance and accosted with very difficult and non cooperative 000 operators! Fire truck appeared before the ambulance. Finally ambulance arrived after half an hour.

Police arrived too! However, initially the police priority was to disperse the crowed (probably to remove or reduce witnesses to weaken the case). They were harsh with the worshipers present and one aggressive police officer pushed one prime witness of this attack against the wall.

Australian media outlets are silent about this incident. Probably they are too busy to incite against Muslims and Arabs based on false and fabricated reasons and grounds with no right of reply!

Since posting of this blog and bloger’s discussion and visitation with Newtown and Redfern Police Stations respectively, one of the prime witnesses was asked to attend Redfern Police Station for a statement tomorrow.

Inquiry was made to a few media outlets regarding this matter and their responses were, “it is an old story and we won’t be interested”. When question was put to them, “are you familiar with the story”? Ironically, responses were negative too.

It was also reported that the attackers spat on worshipers before starting their vulgar and insane attack on Muslim worshipers.

A cool person reported the matter to police and followed the offenders and their vehicle from Zetland to Surry Hills. NSW Police apprehended them on the spot and according to police they are questioning them.

Faruque Ahmed


Free Australia Now


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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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  1. I suppose he is guilty because he is a Muslim?!

  2. When will the Christian will start coming to every muslims doorsteps dragging him or her or children out and shooting them with SWAT team as a precaution for Australian Security against Terrorism.

  3. Muslims are guilty before even being charged.

  4. The Muslim religion does not goes with immoral sex and drugs.
    May be we all should be forced to follow Christianity and if we dont then Muslims should pay protection money tax to the Government.

  5. checkpointzero,

    All Christians are neither bad nor hold anti-Muslim views. Some Zionisd leaders and media outlets may have different views.

  6. The good Christians always form their new Christian Sect.

  7. One Good Example of Radio Station promotes hatered in Australia

    please see

    It sickens me to see this creature even holding our national flag. Like so many more of his kind they choose when, where and how often they play the "I'm an Aussie" card. Only when it suits them. They don't belong anywhere in the western world, more like Jurassic Park. They are neanderthals, living in another century.
    colleen Saturday 23 January, 2010 - 10:28 AM

    Ref:colleen Saturday 23 January, 2010 - 10:28 AM

    "It sickens me to see this creature even holding our national flag"

    It Sickens me to see people like you opening their orifices without knowing.
    Islam was the first religion practiced by the First Afghans who Arrived in Australia.

    If you Hate Islam and are not able find out , what did he said in those letters, You are a bigoted biased and a Sick Person. If someone forcefully enter s your home and kills you that is called a Coward and never Bravery.
    who does not belongs in this Land of Aborigines.

    Remember stealing someone’s car and painting it a different color does not legitimately changes Ownership.